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  • Ahmad Banai

Why Concord Foot Clinic

So what makes us different? Well James and myself have been providing Podiatry services to the Hills District for almost two decades now, and during that time, we have grown the practice to be the one of the most comprehensive Podiatry practice in Sydney. The treatment options and technology we utilise in the pursuit of achieving the best outcomes for our patients are second to none, but we are not content to rest on our laurels and are constantly searching for the latest innovations Podiatry has to offer, both locally and abroad. We are also an award winning practice and practitioners.

We are constantly honing and developing our skills and knowledge, and our goal is to change the perspective of what podiatric treatment entails and what Podiatrists can do. Our wide scope of practice and advanced treatment options allow us to tailoring a treatment option that is all encompassing, enabling us to treat and approach each patient individually, holistically, as a whole, and not just focusing on their feet.

Our vision is to provide to our patients all that Podiatry has to offer, delivering these services in a pleasant, comfortable and family friendly environment. Whether it be simple routine foot care, biomechanical or sports related issues, or even a variety of surgical options to address all your foot care needs, our team here at Concord Foot Clinic have you covered. We have built an amazing team here at Concord Foot Clinic ;ead by our senior Podiatrist Dr Siobhon Kelly. So you can be confident that we are able to deliver not only a thorough podiatric experience, but also a prompt service as well. Please feel free to peruse our website further for more information regarding all the services offered at Castle Hill Podiatry and how we may be able to help.

We encourage you to come and meet with us, we are always willing and able to discuss any of your concerns, and we look forward to being at your assistance.

Dr Ahmad Banai


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