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Soccer Season And Foot Ailments

To symbolise the start of the new soccer season, today we discuss some of the common foot ailments we see in our clinics that are often related to the return to soccer.

Unfortunately kids are not immune to foot issues, and all too often we see kids who have been suffering with foot related issues due to the increased demands on their feet and legs due to increased sporting activities. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be brushed off as just a passing phase. There is help available.

Some of the more common conditions we see in young soccer stars as well as players of all ages may include heel pain, arch pain and knee pain. Ankle sprains and fractures are also a common affliction we encounter, as are more superficial ailments such as ingrown toe nails, abnormal callus formation and blisters on the feet. All of which we can help wth.

Another important point to remember with the start of the new season is the most important piece of equipment for soccer. The soccer boots. Things to bear in mind when choosing a soccer boot include the support and stability of the boot, but also the type of surface you might be playing on. Whether it be artificial turf or a natural surface, this changes the dynamics of play and changes the requirements for your shoes. Whether you choose an all ground boot, multi ground boots, firm ground boot, soft ground boot, The right soccer boot can really impact on the risk of injury and the risk of developing other overuse, bio mechanical issues with your feet.
So bottom line is, while we encourage everyone to stay active and participate in sports, sometimes things may go wrong and foot and leg pain may develop. In the unfortunate event this happens, we here at castle hill podiatry and more than willing and able to help return you or your little super star back to their peak performance.

Or if you simple would like some advice on footwear or have your feet assessed, we are more than happy to discuss any concerns you or your little ones may have.


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