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Painfree Podiatry

Introducing "Comfor-in" needle free injection system - Now available at castle hill podiatry. The Comfort-in™ system is a compact, spring-powered device that delivers up to 0.5 ml/50 units of any given subcutaneous liquid medication by means of a narrow, high-velocity jet injection, which penetrates the skin in less than one-third of a second. The injection is fast and safe and is ‘virtually’ painless.

While needle injections leave a pool of medication, Comfort-inTM injection is strictly subcutaneous. It disperses and spreads the medication uniformly in a spray like pattern, resulting in faster absorption. This is a great breakthrough especially for children and needlephobia. Comfort-in system can be used for any podiatry procedures. Certain procedures may require further local anaesthetic with a needle syringe which is practically painless once applied after a comfort-in injection system.

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