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When should kids see a Podiatrist?

Unfortunately kids are not immune to having problems with their feet. And here at castle Hill podiatry and concord foot clinic, all our clinicians are well equipped to deal with most foot related problems we may encounter even with the youngest of patients.

One of the most common problems we encounter with kids is complaints of heel Pain during and after sports or activities. Sound familiar? Well chances are we can help. We have also been presented with a variety of plantar warts and ingrown toe nails, many of which we were able to treat conservatively, some of which required surgery but either way, we were able to successfully deal with these pesky and annoying problems. We have kids come in because of concerns about walking funny, such as toe walking, in-toed and out-toed gait patterns. All of which require specific treatment plans to rectify, but most importantly, can be rectified and not just something that they hopefully just grow out of.

Growing pains are also an all too common complaint. Your little one waking up at night with pain in their legs or knees? it doesn’t need to be an ongoing battle. It doesn’t need to be something you wait for your child to grow out of. We have successfully treated countless number of little ones suffering from this seemingly innocuous condition.

So the main take away from this is that kids foot problems can more often than not be resolved. As a father of 3 little ones myself, I know how easy it can be to dismiss these complaints as just a passing phase or something they might grow out of, but ideally, with some simple intervention, these do not need to be an ongoing problem. So, if in doubt, or if there are any concerns regarding the health of your little ones feet, legs or walking, feel free to contact us and one of our Podiatrists would be more than happy to discuss your concerns and weather Podiatric treatment would be suitable for you. Because chances are, we can help.

Dr Ahmad Banai


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